Batik Painting, Material and Handycraft

This art shop opened since 1980. Seno name taken from a puppet character named Antasena [read: Ontoseno], where Antasena is a very powerful figure, strong, honest. Taslim BS, the owners wish that this art shop will be like that character.

We offer and profide souvenirs in our art shop for you. You can select complete and cheap collection you want from ceramics, shadow puppets, silverworks, dresses, more than a thousand batik paintings, and also their processes. Beside that, we teach how to make batik for people who really want to know about it in all proccess. We serve all these in an integrated location near the vacation spots in Yogyakarta, called Prawirotaman and easily to reach with any kinds of transportation. You will of course feel more comfortable in enjoying our beloved city, Yogyakarta.